Revolution in Pet Bathing
The HydroSurge® brand has a proud history of inventing revolutionary pet bathing systems for professional groomers and veterinarians everywhere. In 1983, HydroSurge® developed the first forced water animal bathing system called the PowerBatherTM system. Its primary purpose was to drive medicated shampoos through heavy, thick coats and down to the skin to help pets that are suffering from dermatological conditions. In the process, we found that the dogs loved the massaging action and bathers loved the stress-free bath. The PowerBather also dramatically reduced bathing time – pets could now be bathed in a fraction of the time it took to hand-bathe.

Professional Systems
A few years later, the non-electrical BathProTM bathing system was introduced. This was the first bathing system designed to capture the power of the water source to penetrate the animals coat and provide a deep down clean that animals love. The new system also introduced an automatic shampoo draw feature which ensured that fresh shampoo was constantly dispersed in the correct proportions to optimize the health of the coat and skin, as well as eliminate shampoo waste.

InjectAirTM Technology
With the health of the skin and coat always top of mind, HydroSurge® then invented the InjectAir™ technology and incorporated it into the BathProTM bathing system. This patented technology combines the perfect blend of fresh water, shampoo, and oxygen to deep clean your pet's coat down to the skin, providing dermatological benefits to the skin and coat. InjectAir™ is the core technology that makes the RapidBath® system such a unique system with so many amazing benefits.

Highest Quality Shampoos
After becoming the leader in professional bathing systems, it was only natural for HydroSurge® to develop a line of superior quality shampoos and conditioners. The company set out to develop shampoos that would not only clean, but provide its customers with the ultimate in skin and coat care. Every HydroSurge® shampoo has been developed with only the finest ingredients available. In addition, each formulation has been designed to treat a specific skin or coat condition. With an on-staff chemist with over 25 years experience in developing pet shampoos, the HydroSurge® brand continues to be a leader in professional quality shampoos.

The RapidBath® Pet Bathing System
The revolutionary BathProTM system eventually became the inspiration for the RapidBath® pet bathing system. Recognizing that not every pet is fortunate enough to be cleaned and cared for by professionals that use our HydroSurge® equipment, the makers of HydroSurge® branded products have captured all of the cutting edge features and benefits of the BathProTM system into a hand held unit intended for the pet parent. Now, you can put the power of a professional dog bath in your hand! The RapidBath® pet bathing system is an "all-in-one" wet, wash and rinse dog bathing solution that has been designed to reduce bathing time to 3 minutes or less. Your dog will love the relaxing massage action - and you'll love the results.

Part of a Great Family
The HydroSurge® brand is part of the Jarden Consumer Solutions family of brands.

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